Chef was demonstrating what happens when you over whip egg whites… I couldn’t let them go to waste so I made meringue cookies which browned slightly in the oven…

I figure I should start building a portfolio of the things I’ve made during class. I’ve been in the culinary management course since the beginning of September and I’ve learned so much. Before I started the extent of my cooking ability was pouring cereal into a bowl and adding milk. But now I know how to break down a chicken, make my own stocks, make fresh pasta and hand knead bread! It’s amazing how much I’ve learned so far! I can’t believe that I’m actually cooking and baking such amazing things!

I have to say, of everything I’ve learned to make so far, my favourite are the soft dinner rolls. I loooove kneading bread. It’s just very therapeutic to me for some reason. I take great pleasure in making them completely by hand. Which is good, since my mum is head over heels for them. I’ve been told to bring them to every family gathering from now on.
Most recently in baking class we made chocolate eclairs. THAT was interesting. Pâte à choux is very finicky. However, the group I was in had the best looking eclairs in the class. (Can’t lie, I made
the pâte à choux and was really happy when Chef said it was so good!) They were delicious!


They turned out so nice for my first try! The cream puffs tasted exactly like the ones I used to buy in Japan. Memoriiiies~~~

I’m going to try to experiment in my kitchen a bit more with some basic baking recipes. I still haven’t mastered French macarons and I’d like to try making some different varieties of scones.