IMG_2805[1]I decided to give French macarons another go this evening. I recently invested in a macaron kit from Loblaws. It was $6, so how could I say no? Really, it was just a silicone piping bag with a removable plastic tip and a silicon baking mat with the circles for macarons already on it. But, it was the best $6 I ever spent, because those circles helped immensely! I used a different recipe today, as well. I watched the video for this recipe and thought I’d give it a bash. The only difference is that I left my macarons in to bake for longer than she said to. I actually pulled them out of the oven after about 10 minutes, tested one and decided to leave them in for another 5 minutes. Might only do an extra 3 minutes next time, but they still turned out so nicely (in comparison to my original attempt)!

They’re plain macarons with a vanilla butter cream icing. Here are the recipes I used for the macarons and for the buttercream icing.

I had baking class today, as well. We made quiche with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and goat cheese and then we made soft pretzels. The quiche was wonderful! I’m going to make it again for dinner this weekend! (Even kiddo ate it and loved it!) However, the soft pretzels were a bust. I’m not sure what went wrong, but our dough was very firm, had a hard time proofing and was hard to roll and shape. Oh well, better luck next time!